Customer Returns

Reliv offers and requires each Reliv Distributor to offer a 100% unconditional 30-day moneyback guarantee to all retail customers. Every Reliv Distributor is required to honor this guarantee. If your retail customer is dissatisfied with a Reliv product for any reason, the customer may return the product to you; or to the company if the customer purchased directly from Reliv within 30 days of the purchase date. Returns on sales made by you, the Distributor, direct to the customer should be refunded by you. Reliv will replace the returned product to you if, within 30 days after the product is returned to you, Reliv receives the following:

a) A signed Customer Request for Refund form with a statement from the retail customer identifying the reasons for return;

b) A copy of the original signed Retail Customer Sales Receipt form;

c) The unused portion of the product including cans.

Reliv requires this documentation to be completed and submitted with the unused product before processing a replacement to Distributors on customer returns. Reliv will not refund the purchase price to any Reliv Distributor on customer returns. Returns on sales made through Reliv direct to your customer will be refunded directly to the customer. This refund will include the original purchase price plus any applicable taxes and will be processed after Reliv receives the unused portion of the product.